Neptune FinanceOptimise your DeFi savings
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Lend tokens and
earn interest


Lend APY

LendEarn yield on idle assets by lending to an asset pool that is available to secured borrowers.
Provide collateral
and borrow


Borrow APY

BorrowAccess a loan quickly with no personal information or credit history required.
Isolated & Cross Margin Accounts
Account with nUSDC as collateral, and borrowing LUNA
Account with nLUNA and ampLuna as collateral, and borrowing USDC
Create multiple isolated and cross margin accounts using a single wallet to take full control of your portfolio. Optimise your exposure and hedge risks with strategies tailored to your needs.
Take advantage of theNeptune PID ControllerIn efficient systems, everyone can win.Neptune’s PID Controller interest rate design is an innovative way to tune market parameters and find the “sweet spot” that attracts both lenders and borrowers.
Robust Security MeasuresSecurity measures are in place to keep assets safe. A combination of smart contract audits, risk frameworks, price oracles with built-in fail safes, and a devoted Safeguard as market watchdog are some steps taken to keep the protocol secure.
Compete to LiquidateLiquidators can follow the liquidation guide in the developers section of the docs to learn how to run liquidation bots and compete for dynamic liquidation premiums.
All Your Favourite DeFi Features & More
  • Non-custodial
  • Available 24/7
  • No Lockups
  • No Minimums
Cosmos DeFiThe Future of Decentralized FinanceThe Cosmos DeFi ecosystem uses an interoperable standard that enables seamless exchange of assets and liquidity across networks. The combination of low fees, fast transactions, and scalable design makes Cosmos a desirable environment for DeFi growth and innovation.
Developer IntegrationsAdd the Neptune API to your toolkit to create a reliable connection to the Neptune smart contracts and elevate your application or service.
Join the community and help shape NeptuneTake charge of your financial future with Neptune and access the best competitive rates. Join the community and help shape Neptune Finance.